Letter from Les


"Luther's Maxwell Thunder (Luke), at six months old is having a great time growing up. I'm sure he cannot wait until the pond warms up so he can begin his water experience...

Luke is now a veteran Bird hunter, he is being trained by myself and Charlie Linblade from Wingshooters. Charlie is known throughout the state and beyond as one of the top gundog trainers in the area. Charlie wanted me to express to you that Luke may be the best 6 mo old he has had on the farm to date... Charlie is a no bones, to the point guy and it is indeed a compliment to be invited back for personal sessions as well as an offer to except Luke for a 2 week intense private session.

Luke is retrieving Chukkar partridge shot with small gauge shotguns and has absolutely no problems with the gunfire that I introduced to him very gradually. He has a very promising future ahead.. Luke tips the scales at 70 lbs and is still slim...."