To:           Gerry Perkins (E-mail)
Sent:        Wednesday, December 01, 2004 11:19 PM
Subject:   Duck Tales and First Recovery by 12 week old pup


Brad hunts before school here on the river. He usually he carries "ICE" over to the blind and she swims back. This morning he knocked down a mallard and it fell in the brush on the other side of the river. He found a blood trail but could not find the duck, his search time was limited and the pup was still in the blind.

This evening he went back to the area and put "ICE" on the blood trail. She continued past the visible blood and followed it to the water's edge and then stretched out over the water looking at a log jam. Brad waded out to the jam and between some logs lay his duck! I dressed it out and found one hole in the breast in the wing shoulder area and lots of blood on the feathers. We know this dog can smell ! She is getting a lot of contact with dead ducks, after about a two week void of no ducks, Brad is now picking up some. Also, when he is motoring the canoe around she stands up right on the side edge catching the water spray.

Jerry, we are really pleased with this pup. Her disposition is just outstanding, actually she is quite a lap dog now, very calm.