Hunting Testimonial

From:         Dale Becker
Date:         Tuesday, September 24, 2002 09:37:28 AM
To:            Gerry Perkins (E-mail)
Subject:    Youth Duck Hunt Results

Lots of shooting opportunities - Over the two days of the special Youth Duck Hunt Weekend before the regular season opens. Brad killed 4 wood duck and 4 mallard. Mattie retrieved birds 2 & 3 on the second day. After that she was spent from the high grass and water current. Quite an accomplishment though for a pup her age. Brad had taken her on some long trips rounding up birds that were moving downstream in the river current. She certainly was exposed to ducks and gun fire. Actually, we knew gun fire would not be issue as Brad likes to work with that. She weighed 36 at the vet Saturday.