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November 21, 2014


Thunder Bay Kay-Tea, JH


  • Classic Labrador Conformation
  • Classic Labrador Temperament
  • Grandsire:  FC-AFC Webshire's Honest Abe
  • Granddame: Hunters Marsh Special-Tea, MH 
  • Exceptional Intelligence and Trainability
  • Water and Gundog Supreme
  • OFA Certified
  • 82 Pounds In Field Condition
  • AKC Junior Hunter Title

Thunder Bay Kay-Tea Progeny
Thunder Bay Kay-Tea Current Litter

Kay-Tea passed her first two AKC JH hunt tests in 2000, entered to gain experience both for her and her amateur trainer/handler.  In the water series of her second test she earned compliments from the judges after two long water retrieves in a difficult to swim stick pond with many obstacles and barriers.  She penetrated and took on all obstacles in her path rather than diverting as most of the rest of the dogs did.  She will easily finish her AKC JH title in 2003 as a warm-up for entry in the Master Hunter level

Not only does Kay-Tea come from a very strong producing sire line, but her granddame Hunters Marsh Special Tea, MH is the Hunters Marsh Kennel foundation female who is sister to six Field Champions.  At age 12, she is not only still hunting, but also winning.   She placed 1st in two competitive pheasant hunts against 192 and 201 dogs, being the only dog to ever score perfect scores.  The Special-Tea bitch line is Nationally recognized as producing many titled outstanding performance and hunting Labs that are easy to train and eager to please companion Labradors that are always ready to go hunting.

Kay-Tea is a pinpoint marker and very strong powerful water dog with an explosive water entry.  She experienced her 1st hunting season this past fall hunting both from ground blinds and boats and appeared she had been retrieving ducks and geese her entire life, holding steady to the shot, retrieving on command, and proudly delivering to hand.  Upland Grouse hunting proved her ability to hunt close and flush within gun range always in control of the whistle and hand signals displaying great hunting desire.

Pedigree for Kay-Tea

                 FC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go
                     FC AFC Webshire's Honest Abe 
                            Pine Creek's McChigger 
         Star Lab's Honest Injun
                            NAFC FC AFC Trumarc's Zip Code 
                     FC Starlab's She's Areal Dandy-SAS
                            FC AFC SAS
   Thunder Bay Kay-Tea, JH
                          FC AFC Krugger's Silver Grizzley 
                    Ghostkeeper MH 
                           FC AFC Sweet Freezeout Fancy 
         Star Lab's Super Black Loupe'
                           McGuffy's Speed Racer
                    Hunters Marsh Special-Tea MH 
                           Hiwood Rock's Sassy Polly